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“Clinical” Trial Seeks Research Participants for Love Data Collection🔬💞

Are you a human?

Have you love to share?

Do you like music (optional)?

NTRLSYMP is seeking volunteers to share their perspectives on the experience of love. Data will then be collated and integrated into a songwriting experiment investigating the complexities, varieties and abstractions of love.

Here are ways to participate:

The Love Data Collection process will formally close on February 14th, also known as “Valentines Day”.

This laboratory is grateful for your participation. The known universe will surely benefit from your benevolence.

Sincerely yours,

“Dr.” Natural Sympathies, BFA, XOXO

Why an elaborate songwriting experiment about love? ❤️

First of all: because it’s fun to play and make stuff!

Also: I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about love, about how it is the seed of hope and momentum at the centre of all caring action. I’ve also been reflecting on what I’ve learned about love from my time on this planet so far, including how much more I have to learn and unlearn. In the experiment of connecting with others about love (listening/holding space/inquiring), I hope to deepen understandings and to communicate these findings through songwriting and art.

Finally, I hope that this experiment and the resulting songs are generative or healing for others who are also curious about love and caring action. Thanks to all those who have participated in the surveys so far.

The on-line and paper surveys are being collected until February 14th.