November 2021: I’m finishing up an album with the help of a few friends and am trying to figure out how it’s all gonna look and sound when it’s done. I’ll be stepping away from social media but you can keep up-to-date with the releases via my occasional newsletter.

October 2021: Splice Magazine, a journal dedicated to filmmaking and film culture in Saskatchewan, has published an article called ‘Porous: Amber Goodwyn’s (aka Natural Sympathies) marriage of music and film reflects on life passages, creating a space for oneself, and the collaborative process‘ by Charity Marsh. Thanks to Charity for her sensitive and detailed perspectives on the album and film. xo

September + October 2021: My band Cobra & Vulture has reunited after 8 years apart and we have a new album coming out in early 2022. Have a listen to the first single, “Waking Early”, here. Have a listen to the second single, “Say When”, here.